Durable Dedication Plaques and More

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If you're considering getting a dedication plaque, military honor marker, awards or business signage, you should check out the aluminum options at Legacy Machine and Design. We can create custom aluminum products that will hold up to all elements, giving you the freedom to place them confidently wherever you please. Our aluminum products are ⅜ in. thick and available in three sizes: 4x8 (standard), 6x12 (medium) or 8x16 (large). We also offer wrought iron easels for display.

All of our products are precision machined with quality in mind. Check out our custom aluminum products today.

Gone but not forgotten

Honoring loved ones who have passed is important, and our aluminum products can help you preserve their memory. Our markers are created from durable aluminum. The design and text are CNC machined, the results are magnificent. These plaques can be mounted to stone, other surfaces or displayed on an easel. They are perfect for recreating faded detail from worn monuments. For those interested in genealogy this is an amazing replacement that will last forever.

We can make you a:

⚒ Saddle saver: This device will secure your floral saddles to smooth top monuments.

⚒ Temporary headstone: We’ll machine your loved ones name and dates or your requested message on an aluminum plaque. (Various sizes available) This is a great affordable alternative.

⚒ Dedication plaque and easel: Display your gratitude for donations made to your organization on a beautiful aluminum plaque.

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