Classy to Sassy, Wooden Signs That Speak for Themselves!

Let us make you a high-quality custom bourbon barrel head

Bourbon enthusiast or just love the idea of a beautiful wooden piece of art on your wall? We have just the thing for you!

We carve designs, logos or messages into KY bourbon barrel heads made of white oak. We follow this up by a quality stain, a coat of polyurethane and hardware making it ready to display upon arrival. Did you know wood is the traditional gift for the fifth anniversary?
We offer the following stain options:

⚒ Roanoke
⚒ Honey oak
⚒ Honey oak with dark accents
⚒ Espresso
⚒ Rustic Blend

Whether you're shopping for a gift or for a stunning focal point, our custom barrel heads are second to none. Place your order today!