What is the difference between decorative only and Cook-ready finish?

The black finish skillet is decorative only (this is a black satin finish paint). The bronze-colored skillet is CNC machined and re-seasoned to allow for cooking or displaying.

How do I care for my custom cast iron?

Treat as you would any of your cast iron. No dishwasher, keep the dish soap away and season well. This custom skillet will darken with additional seasoning and/or use.

Sizing details

Lodge Skillets are measured across the rim. For example, the 12" skillet measures 10" across the bottom.

How do I send my design?

You can send your design via email: Legacymachineanddesigngmail.com
You can also send a screenshot of one you would like yours similar to or by roughly sketching the layout you would like and sending through messenger or via text 270-999-4764

Wholesale availability

We offer bulk discounts based on quantity and duplicate design vs each skillet being custom. Drop/Blind shipping also available. Contact us for a quote!

Can I expedite my order?

Yes. We now offer this option in checkout. This does not expedite the shipping company; however, it speeds up the process within our shop to get your order out faster. We schedule staff beyond hours to process these orders. There is a $25 fee for this. See detail in product description.

Can I change my design after placing my order?

There is a reprogramming fee of $20 for changing your design once we have programmed the one originally requested. Programming is timely and more involved than it may appear. The more accurately you can relay your design to us the better. Punctuation, spelling and dates written as you would like to see them is key. This includes font style, the format your date is written in etc. Most important watch for your proof! Once you approve your proof we move forward with your order. This not only gets you a beautiful product delivered faster, but it also keeps other orders moving along as well. It always helps to roughly sketch out your design in a circle. Feel free to share this with us. Seeing your design on paper always helps.

What is porosity that causes cosmetic blemishes in cast iron?

Porosity in casting refers to voids or holes in a metal component that are formed during the casting process. The phenomenon occurs as a material changes state from a liquid to a solid. Casting porosity is found in many metal components but is especially prevalent in aluminums and magnesium die castings.

Will porosity affect the cooking quality of my skillet?

Not at all. This is a tiny cosmetic blemish that will darken with use and/or seasoning of your personalized cast iron, along with the rest of the pan.

What does gift packaging include?

A white gift box adorned with our Silver and Black Legacy Machine and Design logo. The inside is lined with black tissue paper, surrounding your product will be black and gray shred. Also included will be a brochure, business card and care and maintenance instructions with a small sticker thanking you for supporting our small business.